Sunday, July 18, 2021

That day when clouds were dark


After hectic week when I was finally settling to rejuvenate myself for upcoming battle,
I could realize that it is still very early to rise and ignite the inner mettle.

My eyes were still clumsy to feel the light,
As I retired to bed that day late night.

Everything was different then before that day,
As I woke up, clouds were dark and that left mark on my face.

I am here to fight and win my race,
But that day when clouds were dark it was different case. 

Life is all about doing small things right,
And that also is like have clear vision and distant sight.

I may not be very correct in many ways I know,
But I will learn, unlearn and relearn and adjust my bow. 

Yes clouds were dark that day but she was away from me,
Yes clouds were dark that day but honey was away from this bee.
In all this also when I have that belief that she is there and always will be;
And everything will be as per the plan made in hot may.

Darkness has power to ignite light on its own,
It also makes individual stronger from before,

Lion at night makes louder roar,
It also brings serenity like enjoying at sea shore. 

That day when clouds were dark
I tried again that blank page feels my mark.

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