Sunday, July 18, 2021

That day when clouds were dark


After hectic week when I was finally settling to rejuvenate myself for upcoming battle,
I could realize that it is still very early to rise and ignite the inner mettle.

My eyes were still clumsy to feel the light,
As I retired to bed that day late night.

Everything was different then before that day,
As I woke up, clouds were dark and that left mark on my face.

I am here to fight and win my race,
But that day when clouds were dark it was different case. 

Life is all about doing small things right,
And that also is like have clear vision and distant sight.

I may not be very correct in many ways I know,
But I will learn, unlearn and relearn and adjust my bow. 

Yes clouds were dark that day but she was away from me,
Yes clouds were dark that day but honey was away from this bee.
In all this also when I have that belief that she is there and always will be;
And everything will be as per the plan made in hot may.

Darkness has power to ignite light on its own,
It also makes individual stronger from before,

Lion at night makes louder roar,
It also brings serenity like enjoying at sea shore. 

That day when clouds were dark
I tried again that blank page feels my mark.

Sunday, February 07, 2021


 When anything works in right way,
It keeps you in proper shape and stops all problem far away.

I know very well that keep walking and let journey decide its destination is prevalent concept,
At the same time to take pause and just relax is also accepted fact.

Being right is most sought after thing nowadays,
Being practically right is only way to cement clay.

Balancing work with life is at times tedious,
But having life in work is more precious.

I might have kept my paper blank for a long time now,
But it is only because to have that required spark in show.

Fragrance of flower may not always spread across instantly;
As the colour and appearance has to be such which requires to be noticed along with its smell.

Happy Birthday

 Standing together with you makes me feel complete,
Your presence besides me adds wheels to my running fleet.

I may not share many things here as per protocol,
But hearing your voice makes listening melodious when my phone receives your call.

On special day of yours I just want to wish you all the happiness of the world,
And I become the little sugar required in your served curd.

Around nine hundred days and still counting now we have  made our own different surrounding,
The way you handle everything  always is factor of pride now,
Having you on backseat of shine is always aspired ride now.

Red roses,pink flowers or any other decorative items available in market will not be in any position to express my feelings for you,
The firmness you have in your approach make me realize the wholesomeness of life.

This year may go and come back again next time with different number,
But I will always try that smile keeps on dancing on your face and freshness accompanies you like cucumber.

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Random Thought

 The way ahead is always unknown to all,
But that’s where skill helps to break the wall.
We all know how to climb and lift ourselves,
What matters is get to out when you have  fallen in deep well.

The approach makes all difference I agree,
But the self-coach always helps to get boundaries free.
You get up and you fall that has to be process,
As only rise or only fall makes no sense.

Long time ago was last when white screen was blinking in front of these lenses covered eye,
And today again the same screen is appearing and also blinking below this dark sky.

Real strength is always what matters in all shapes of life,
And all goes in vain when you use less sharpen knife.

Monday, April 13, 2020


That day when I was not even clear as to what I will be doing,
Suddenly I don’t  know how I was forced to search note pad and use the blue ink to its optimum like beginning.

Some random old tracks were playing in background and I was still trying to come out of the act called laziness,
That mild music was somewhere playing helping hand and provided me the required energy to first start something and then handle the darkness.

Varied colors were decorating the atmosphere all around
But still I was engrossed in listening that melodious sound.

How come it can be that I am not aware about superpower I have to deal with this,
Shifting my mind from there to here and answering the toughest quiz.

That smiling face whenever appears in front of my eyes,
Happiness overtakes allover and provides me wings to fly.

Thinking of her even when she is not far; is rare,
When words are not in business and you want to still have dialogue is always termed as care.

Every time it cannot be that water of river flows perennially,
At times it waits or gets stuck unknowingly.

In all this when you sail the boat is actual meaning.
Loving the beloved even when she is far should not be matter of reasoning.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Let’s keep our hope alive

There is Always Hope - We Just Have to Find It

Our every step now will keep our hope alive
Our every action now will s
trengthen the rope called life.

This too shall pass so nothing to worry much,
Everyone is sailing in same boat till that last fellow to clarify as such.

Don’t you worry more on anything and let just situation get clutched,
Be firm and just follow the social distancing norms as discussed.

We are not alone warriors in this battle.
Everyone from first to last is participating and holding metal.

Tough is time we all know that,
Let’s take charge and wear our own responsibility hat.

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Tiny eyes when glared at me

Sitting aside window in living room that fine day,
I was busy understanding the new way to lead life from this may,
I was busy calculating and encapsulated in some serious not so required thoughts,
And was trying to win the silly mental war which was never fought.

Suddenly two little eyes glared at me,
And then rest everything came at standstill and I was filled with unique joy.

Those little eyes were still focused on my face,
And I could understand that they wanted to say life is not always race.

The emotional quotient was higher at that time,
The little baby now is only prime,
Tiny little fingers when touches me, my thoughts get shine,
Moving eyes of his adds to my vision,
Tiny feet which keeps jogging directs me to explore different pathway of life and enjoy life.

This is altogether an unique experience for me,
And will like to be the trunk for the branches for this happy tree.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

When love becomes passion

When love becomes passion
Her Smile has power to enlighten me in spite of utter darkness,
Her eyes has power to help me in visualizing the distant obstacle,
Her hands has power to support me to stand back if at all I fall,
Her confidence in me helps me to jump and move forward if there is even tallest wall.

I know everything but still I am unknown about many things,
Bee like me will always need her to fly through given wings.

Yes I love her and will always do,
But more than I love her, truth is her love for me.

Music when heard only feels good when melodious,
In similar manner love can only be felt when received from right person.

When even closed eyes can see her nothing more can be written here,
Believe me or not today I am feeling more crazy than before for her.